Who is the Hobby Hoarder?

In February of 2012, Libby Segal set out on a year long quest to try anything and everything she had yet to try–a year long quest to take risks–a year long quest to fall down, and get back up–and last but not least a year long quest for sexiness, health, adventure, and happiness.

What began as a fun journey transformed into a deeper understanding on the complexities of the walls we build for ourselves, experiencing the world around us, and coming to find what we are truly capable of (which is anything).

Libby Segal was depressed. She wouldn’t admit that to anyone. Not her friends, not her family. She had lost her sense of curiosity, her sense of wonder; until one day, a young man by the name of Justin helped her to find laughter again, teaching her how to write and perform stand up comedy

Re-energized by a new hobby, Libby realized it wasn’t comedy she was falling in love with, but instead, the art of trying something new. As a result, Libby quickly jumped into acting class, took up drawing, and signed up for a second half marathon. When her boss told her she really needed to quit something, she took that as a challenge and decided to take on everything, not knowing where it would take her.

In the last four years the only thing she’s quit has been that job.

In February of 2013, she completed her initial yearlong quest–but realized that her project had turned into more than just a project and quest–it had turned into a lifestyle. For one more year, Libby continued to try one new thing every week. Subsequently, she continues to try new things as frequently as she can, and is currently working on a self-help memoir  as well as essays in order to help shed light on moving through depression , finding balance, and motivating others to break out of their shell, refuse the word no and try new things.


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  1. You are willing to go where no hobbiest has gone before. You rock!

  2. I think this has all the makings of a reality show–either for the small screen or the web. What do you say? Might even be another hobby for you…

  3. LIbby!!!! I love all these things you are doing! It’s amazing and seems like a TON of fun!!! Miss ya girly!!! Maybe if I come back for a visit in the Big Apple anytime soon I can join you for a hobby!!!!

    • C!!!! Thank you so much. My courage and strength to do all these things came from many of the people I met the last two years of college who accepted and pushed me to continue being myself- just as I am. That’s a tribute to you. Love you and miss you

  4. Libs,

    My daughter is a student at URI, enjoy your energy!

    You have inspired me!

  5. Very interesting! Best of luck!

  6. Love everything, libby. You got spunk and fearlessness written all over you.

  7. You are so brave!! You are like the best role model EVER!!!! You are awesome Libby!!


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