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Guest Post: Luciana Bonifazi Goes for a Swing

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DISCLAIMER: As someone who is on a quest to try one new thing a week for an entire year, I believe that it is absolutely beautiful to watch and support other people try new things and or complete their own challenges. Every now and then I will post videos, photos and or stories from other amazing individuals who are taking advantage of all that life has to offer (cue cheesy music, and my big proud grin). Please contact me with your stories/ and or your hobbies @ thehobbyhoarder@gmail.com or tweet me @LibbySegal.

Luciana Bonifazi Goes for a Swing

Lucky Luciana Bonifazi  is a friend and fellow comic. On a regular basis, she posts over at Chicago Now where she talks about “Thriftstyle Living in Chicago.” This week, she writes about not only her thrifty frugal lifestyle, but something else—Trying a brand new experience: Trapeze–and EVEN how she pulled it off in her all-star thrifty way. Check it out!

          Photo By Romeo Talento LB: Last night I had a brand new experience, and it totally rocked my little world: I took a flying trapeze class.

It. Was. Insane.

Just the absolute best. It was with the lovely people over at Trapeze School New York (highly recommend it) on the lakefront near Belmont Harbor. The setting was rustic, beautiful and magical. It had that amazing circus-y feeling to it, as if you are a part of something weird and obscure and a little scary. It felt like you were one of the strange people in Big Top Pee-wee, doing things and living a life that few dare to. And that feels awesome. To me, at least.

The flying itself was incredibly thrilling. Such an adrenaline rush. It’s a bit nerve-wracking on the first couple jumps because, when you’re reaching for the bar, the only thing between you and falling face-forward into the safety net is a guy holding on to the back of your safety belt. Its a weird feeling having to lean forward to grab the bar while also standing upright and feeling like you should be face-planting. But after 3 or 4 jumps you get used to it. And once you’re actually flying – the rush is unstoppable. I was hooked almost immediately. It helps that I was kind of a natural at it. After my first run the guys were asking if I was a diver or a gymnast (I am neither). But I could see it kind of being less fun — and actually more like a total drag — if you can’t do the tricks.

I did a backflip. I did a catch-and-release. And, because I was able to do everything so quickly, they even taught me a trick they usually don’t do first class called “heels off” which is a dismount which is eventually paired with a catch.

My awesome friend was a photographer there and got me the first class for free as a birthday gift. (I’ll post at some point in the future about the importance of networking in Thriftstyle Living. But basically, the more people you know, the more you can do and the less you ultimately have to pay for.) And they were running a promotion where you buy the second class that night and get the third class for free. So I was lucky enough to splurge on one $57 class and get two classes free. In the Thriftstyle Living Handbook, that is what we call an “awesome deal.”

Its not a bad workout either. I think part of the reason I was halfway decent at it is because of all the core-work I’ve been doing over the past year or two. But we all were definitely exhausted after the final jump. (Look out for a post in September about ways to get in shape on the cheapy cheap.)

And not only was it a great deal, but it was an amazing experience. Something I will remember forever. Something most people will never have the chance or the guts to experience. Its something I can look back on and laugh about and feel proud of. Something I could maybe turn into a new stress-relieving hobby. The happiness and rush from doing this lasts WAY longer than the happiness I would get from a lunch out or a cup of Starbucks what-the-fuck or a pair of designer heels. Bleck. Again, this is just MY personal definition of happiness. If that cup of coffee or pair of heels gets your heart pumping for weeks on end, then go out and get them. Figure out what happiness is to you and cut the costs on things that are not it.

Are you interested in doing trapeze? You should be. It freaking rocks. AND you can get an awesome deal too (for the next 13 days) on Living Social. Check it out. You get a 2.5 hour class AND dinner and wine. Pretty sweet. And it would make for a pretty cool date. (Although this is in their indoor location, and, while I haven’t been there, I think the lakefront location is probably a more beautiful and romantic setting.)

On September 22, 2012: I’ll be making my own trip to a trapeze center, and after reading about Luciana’s experiences, it’s safe to say that I am ready to go for a swing!

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