The Hobby Hoarder – Guest Edition: Rena Unger

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DISCLAIMER: As someone who is on a quest to become the professional amateur, by completing 52 hobbies in 52 weeks, I believe that it is absolutely beautiful to watch and support other people try new things and or complete their own challenges. Every now and then I will post videos and or stories from other amazing individuals who are taking advantage of all that life has to offer (cue cheesy music, and my big proud grin). Please contact me with your stories/ and or your hobbies @ or tweet me @LibbySegal.

Rena Unger Completes 100 Bikram Yoga Classes in Less than 100 Days: That’s kind of a big deal!

“Stretch more, Libby.” I can hear the echos of my field hockey trainers lecturing me on my lack of flexibility. Generally, when I am asked to stretch, I whine like a little girl. To use a throwback cliche–my muscles are tighter than spandex! This might explain why I have always been so intimidated by yoga classes. I’ve always felt like Gumby’s horse–rather than Gumby! But when I headed to Bikram Yoga East Harlem to support my good friend Rena Unger, as she completed her 100th Bikram class in less than 100 days, I was completely in awe of the workout–In fact, within moments, I sweated myself into a puddle  Hot yoga is clearly no easy task, and I admire anyone who has had the courage to flex themselves into a pretzel in that type of heat–let alone 100 times in less than 100 days. What a challenge–what an accomplishment.

And the truth is life should be about challenging yourself, aspiring to do BIG things, and inspiring others. On June 3, Rena did all 3. And I feel very fortunate to have been included on her journey. Here’s to 100 more.



Bikram Yoga East Harlem
4 East 116th Street


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  1. Thank you Libby for braving the HOT room and capturing one of the most magical moments of my life. You are a beautiful and inspiring friend. This is such a gift and I LOVE YOU so MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rena.


    You made me cry. I love you!!

  3. Awww Vielka!!! You are crying with me and that is beautiful!!! I was all choked up at the beginning of class and when we heard the support from my loved ones in heavenly it was so moving!! Cry away, it is cleansing for the soul!!! Love you too!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this and creating it for beautiful Rena!

  5. Hi, Rena.

    How so nice to be able to capture one of the most beautiful moments of your life.
    I truly feel Great Appreciation to your friend Libby 🙂

    With a big happy smile and warm heart,
    M. Jey

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  8. super awesome!

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