The Hobby Hoarder Performs Her Pants Off: Subway Performing

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So many times we don’t take advantage of all the things here in NYC or, really, anywhere for that matter. So I say, just go out there and do something. Surprise yourself. Surprise others. Attack a new craft. Conquer a fear. Live your life.

I didn’t go down to the subway platforms just to be a little bit ridiculous—okay well maybe I did. Every day I walk down the street, my headphones blasting in my ears, and my legs shaking with instinct to dance it out. So often, we are way too concerned with what people will think of us that we hold back. I am tired of holding back. I am tired of being afraid of people seeing what I am really wanting to do. When a tiger or a lion wants to roar—they roar. And when The Hobby Hoarder wants to sing and dance—she sings and dances.—even if it’s in her boxer briefs. When you want to do something—you should do it. Stop worrying—stop waiting—think like Nike and just do it.

Performing in a subway or on a subway platform or out on the street is sometimes referred to as busking. I see people doing this all the time. Sometimes they annoy me, sometimes they thrill me, sometimes they make me laugh, and sometimes they make me ponder. I feel as though I did all of these things for a variety of different people the other night—and it was the greatest feeling in the world. My friend and co-comedy-show-producer, who shot this escapade for me on my iPhone, said it best when he said: It’s great to see what really makes people crack a smile.


I hope you cracked a smile watching this. I cracked a lot of smiles—and a lot of laughs doing it.


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  1. These are the type of people that New Yorkers can’t stand..

    • No one asked me to stop–once. 🙂 lots of laughs and video-ing going on. New Yorkers aren’t so bitter. But thanks for stopping by David Dupid.

    • One of my favorite aspects of New York is the diversity of people, ideas, cultures, and personalities. There is no simple way to define a New Yorker.

      If you take the time to look around and truly observe and appreciate people that sit next to you on the subway, buy their coffee in front of you, sell you fruit from their cart, ask you for money on the street, cheer loudly next to you at a baseball game, draw in the park, exc. exc. then I think you will find that there is much to learn from “New Yorkers” about living life. Particularly, that there are many different ways to live life to the fullest.

      The young woman behind the hobby hoarder project exemplifies my point. She is, I would imagine, a New Yorker. Perhaps different from you Mr. Dupid, but a New Yorker none the less. Watching her perform without hesitation – presumably with the self-awareness to recognize that she is no A-list singer – is fun and inspiring. She is funny, she is quirky, she is passionate about this Hobby Hoarder project, and she is having fun. Please do not fault her for that. Please do not push down her dreams. Please do not ask her to change.

      She is a model for many of us who are afraid to change the pattern of our lives. Or who are too afraid, lazy, or comfortable to try something new, just for the hell of it.

      I adore this project and Libs all I have to say is KEEP IT UP! Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, take a jazz dancing class, play the steel drums, try speed dating, and if you want to …. DANCE AND SING your little heart out in the subway station!

      • NYC’s diversity of people, ideas, cultures, and personalities is definitely the biggest perk of this city-and the way it is so welcoming here. Everything you said here has me smiling. My love!

  2. LOL good job libs awesome too see.. your really are awesome and fearless..

    • Thanks Kev! It reminds me of all the convos we had of walking around in different costumes and seeing how people reacted. I got high fives, an offer for money the one time and turned it down. it’s all about smiles and laughs here. Still can’t wait to go around in capes. I think we should do LARPing together as a hobby–Live action role play in addition to our water skiing 🙂

      • Haha yes ma’am the cape thing still runs through my head and of course if you ever ever want me to be a part of one of your hobbies don’t ever hesitate to ask it would be a lot of fun and an honor to be featured in one of your videos

  3. Kat Richards

    I laughed, I cried, I sang along.

  4. Great job Libby, a lot of fun to watch, and see you bringing smiles to the faces of others. For the comment above, does he mean that New Yorker’s don’t like people who bring smiles and laughs to others. Can’t wait to join you for an adventure! Keep up the great work of spreading some joy around the Big Apple!

    • Thanks K! You’ve always been so supportive and I appreciate you stopping by the blog. When you’re in NYC we will def hit the subways 🙂

  5. Really funny. That’s the spirit we need here.

  6. Love the Mrs. Robinson dedication to your mom. Batman Boxers are fantastic, but I’m looking forward to what we will see when you dance around singing “Like A Virgin.”

  7. You are awesome and crazy and fearless… and I love it! Well done, Libs! ❤ 🙂

  8. I especially loved all the N’SYNC going on! Great work! And I totally would have busted a move with you if I was there. Love me some Backstreet Boys, Brittney Spears, and N’SYNC. Takes me back to high school all over again.

    • Hehe! Thanks so much J! I know no lyrics better than I know NSync haha I think it’ll be a once a week thing! ha. If you are ever in NYC, come dance!

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