The Hobby Hoarder Zips Away: Ziplining

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3, 2, 1: Zip Awayyyyy


Once you do standup comedy–nothing seems scary anymore–not flying a plane, not having knives thrown around you, and DEFINITELY not ziplining from tree to tree  650 feet above the ground at speeds of 50-60 mph. No, sir. (That is of course until I do stunt jumping next week–yikes).

When the tour guide asked who wanted to go first, I didn’t even think twice. I raised my hand, volunteered my friend and myself, walked the plank so to say and was off on my way. At 650 feet in the air going that fast, let me tell you something,  you’re not thinking about falling to your doom–you’re thinking about living. You’re thinking about how free you feel–how amazing of an experience you are having, how you don’t want this 3,200 foot zip to ever end, and how your smile is going to be plastered to your face for the next few days after completing this. No, you aren’t thinking about falling–you aren’t thinking about landing–You are indeed doing nothing but living.


New York Zipline Adventure Tours 


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  1. Lib, the video from your helmet camera is sweet.
    I WANT TO GO BACK NOW! This may become my permanent hobby. Or job. I’m not sure.

    • If this becomes your permanent hobby–you’re my next guest post. If you want to guest post either way–about your experience. I suggest you do . Loved having you with me. What a fantastic day. Next up: Your birthday!!!

    • If you come visit me here in NorCal, there is a fabulous Zip line up in Sonoma, you lilatelry soar through the trees. It is one of the most fun things I have ever done. And….it is just minutes from many of those fantastic wineries I know you love.

  2. So awesome!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

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