The Hobby Hoarder Throws Knives: Knife Throwing

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Life is about tasking risks–putting yourself in vulnerable positions–and knowing that you’re making the right decisions.

Today, I stood in front of a professional, world-record holding knife thrower–shut my eyes–and breathed in life.

And told my mom I loved her before having knives thrown all around me.

Oh, and I learned knife throwing for a hobby–totally, amazing.

It was a pretty awesome day.



The Great Throwdini



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  1. Hey Libster, it’s your knife throwing buddy TGT here. Nice editing, nice going, nice everything. You did really well today and I will attest you honestly threw and stuck those knives like a pro (almost). Nice to mee you. Good luck on your quest for a hobby a week.

    • Throwdini! Thanks for the compliments. I must say nice teaching. You were very patient and kind. I appreciate it. I’ll try not to have as many weak throws next time around. Maybe we can set up a day just for the wheel. Would love to go for a spin 🙂

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