The Hobby Hoarder Heads to the Sky: Pilot Lesson

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Music by: Suzy Sellout

For the first time in my life, my head was in the clouds–and I was completely okay with it.

Shaking. Palms sweating. Thoughts racing through my mind. I don’t usually get nervous, but moments before lifting off the ground in a small airplane–that I was piloting, nerves suddenly were flowing through my veins. My adrenaline pumped, and I could feel my heart beating straight out of my chest. There was no looking back now–I was about to pilot a plane…and that’s freaking awesome.

As I felt the plane leave the ground, I stayed focused on the details my co-pilot/instructor, Nicholas had told me: When it reaches 60, pull back a bit, stop, and stay still.


Now reaching peak altitude, I took a moment to look out the window and take in the view of the beach, the neighborhood houses, and the open sky ahead. I smiled–a big wide grin like the cheshire cat. I was flying a plane–I was really flying a plane. It was a symbol of something much larger though for me. I was really making things happen. I AM making things happen–and that’s what this year is all about: No fear. No looking back. No hesitation. I was–and still am–on top of the world.

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  1. Justin K McClure

    hey this is great Libs…glad you are doing this – such great life experiences. You’ll always remember. Proud of you:)

  2. I come from a flying family – it seems like it can be addictive for some people, (not me). Do you want to go back up??

    • I’d absolutely love to go back up. In fact, Global Aviation Corp. is offering a deal for a 2 hour lesson around NYC. 2 people for $299. Which isn’t a bad deal at all! With my 50 dollar voucher…even better. I really did feel on top of the world–both in reality and in my head 🙂 I love watching this video back

  3. I trained for my license when I was 12. My father is a private pilot (hobbyist, not professional) and started me young but I chickened out just before my solo flight. I still love getting to fly whenever I can, it’s so peaceful that high up. The premise of your site is awesome! Best of luck to you and all your hobbies!

    • Hobbyist pilot seems like the way to go. I think I may chicken out before ever getting to a solo flight as well. The landing is really terrifying. My instructor was like: We have three options. 1. I land the plane-we live. 2. you land the place, we take our chances. 3. we land together. I chose 3, and then halfway through closed my eyes and said no I choose 1 . Thanks for the luck! All the best to you as well. I’ll be following! Best, The Hobby Hoarder

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