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The Hobby Hoarder Breaks it Down: Breakdancing

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In 7th grade, I wanted to give a how-to lesson on breakdancing. The problem was that I didn’t really know a thing about breakdancing. The only reason I cared about it all was because the boy I had a huge crush on throughout middle school was learning all the moves–and so I thought if I knew anything about the style of dance at all–he might like me back.

It didn’t work out too well–the project–nor the crush.

So on July 8, I headed out to 5 Pointz for my first official breakdancing lesson with Kid Glyde who is an active member in the Dynamic Rockers crew.

We hit the concrete right away giving me b-girl cred–and then we broke it down–moving from our home position to our Indian steps, to six steps (helicopter) and the tornado all while the graffiti artwork served as a beautiful backdrop to our stage.

I watched as the guys who were there broke it down on cardboard boxes and I smiled at the thought that maybe one day I could stand on my head–or gl”yde” as smoothly as they did. While my moves were a bit stiff and my freezes were a bit short–I still rocked out the best I could. What’s the joy in trying if you are going to be great at it right away anyway?

This hobby just might be a keeper. Who knows–maybe one day I’ll star in Step Up the Revolution Part 12 with a Channing Tatum look alike. That.would.be.awesome.






Kid Glyde

Check out the trailer for the Dynamic Rockers 33rd Anniversary Event:

For more information on 5 POINTZ head to 5 ptz.comĀ 


The Hobby Hoarder Heads to the Sky: Pilot Lesson

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Music by: Suzy Sellout

For the first time in my life, my head was in the clouds–and I was completely okay with it.

Shaking. Palms sweating. Thoughts racing through my mind. I don’t usually get nervous, but moments before lifting off the ground in a small airplane–that I was piloting, nerves suddenly were flowing through my veins. My adrenaline pumped, and I could feel my heart beating straight out of my chest. There was no looking back now–I was about to pilot a plane…and that’s freaking awesome.

As I felt the plane leave the ground, I stayed focused on the details my co-pilot/instructor, Nicholas had told me: When it reaches 60, pull back a bit, stop, and stay still.


Now reaching peak altitude, I took a moment to look out the window and take in the view of the beach, the neighborhood houses, and the open sky ahead. I smiled–a big wide grin like the cheshire cat. I was flying a plane–I was really flying a plane. It was a symbol of something much larger though for me. I was really making things happen. I AM making things happen–and that’s what this year is all about: No fear. No looking back. No hesitation. I was–and still am–on top of the world.

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