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The Hobby Hoarder Breaks it Down: Breakdancing

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In 7th grade, I wanted to give a how-to lesson on breakdancing. The problem was that I didn’t really know a thing about breakdancing. The only reason I cared about it all was because the boy I had a huge crush on throughout middle school was learning all the moves–and so I thought if I knew anything about the style of dance at all–he might like me back.

It didn’t work out too well–the project–nor the crush.

So on July 8, I headed out to 5 Pointz for my first official breakdancing lesson with Kid Glyde who is an active member in the Dynamic Rockers crew.

We hit the concrete right away giving me b-girl cred–and then we broke it down–moving from our home position to our Indian steps, to six steps (helicopter) and the tornado all while the graffiti artwork served as a beautiful backdrop to our stage.

I watched as the guys who were there broke it down on cardboard boxes and I smiled at the thought that maybe one day I could stand on my head–or gl”yde” as smoothly as they did. While my moves were a bit stiff and my freezes were a bit short–I still rocked out the best I could. What’s the joy in trying if you are going to be great at it right away anyway?

This hobby just might be a keeper. Who knows–maybe one day I’ll star in Step Up the Revolution Part 12 with a Channing Tatum look alike. That.would.be.awesome.






Kid Glyde

Check out the trailer for the Dynamic Rockers 33rd Anniversary Event:

For more information on 5 POINTZ head to 5 ptz.com 


The Hobby Hoarder Gets Jazzy with It: Jazz/Modern/Contemporary Dance

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All Choreography in video: © Joi Anissa Favor. All Rights Reserved.

Every time I try a new physical activity, I wonder how I was ever a Division 1 Varsity athlete. Between my lack of strength, my inability to follow choreographed dance steps, and my flexibility deficiency, one would think I never played sports in my life–let alone went to college for them.

As a young girl, I took ballet, but never danced my way into any other classes. I left the studio to play baseball with the boys. Over time, I continued to add more and more sports to my list including soccer, basketball, tennis, softball, and field hockey. How I even survived playing sports astounds me. Sophomore year of high school I broke both hands (not at the same time) during my spring softball season, and during field hockey camp right before college I went flying through a goal cage head first. So it doesn’t surprise me that last night I had trouble figuring out how to put my right foot over my left foot and vis versa.

As I looked at the other women in the class, I noted that I was clearly the outcast in my athletic shorts and t–while they sported leotards. Note: Add leotard to the budget. I sweated profusely through the stretching and core work, struggled through the early warm-up dance moves (in which I moved so slowly, I could be called a geriatric patient) and thought to myself–don’t leave–don’t leave: This isn’t like zumba where there’s fifty other people to hide behind. You gotta commit to this Libs…COMMIT!

And so I did.

And not before long, I was gathering the steps, following Joi, our instructor, and moving–semi-smoothly across the floor. Shaking my booty, and getting all groovy–all while singing the Will Smith tune in my head with my own words:

“Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na Getting Jazzzzzzzy with it.”

By the end, I told the girls that I was just hustling them–and that I was truly a professional 😉


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347 Grand Street
Brooklyn New York

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