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An Update, a Thank You, & a Challenge

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Ciao readers, followers, acquaintances, strangers, and stumble-uponers:

Thank you. Thank you for every pass-by, every read, every click, every motivating comment. Thank you for supporting me. I am happy to announce that on July 24th, I hit the halfway mark of my yearlong quest to become a professional amateur and completed my 26th NEW hobby (activity)—two weeks ahead of schedule. I guess you could say I’ve been on a Hobby High!

In New York City, it is extremely difficult to find a significant other who will stick around for much more than one or two dates—and with each of these significant others we learn something new about ourselves. On February 17, I began my one year love fest with activities—and what I’ve found now, one half of the way through the year, is that I am much more content “getting around” than I ever was standing still.

Since starting the Hobby Hoarder project, I have become more confident, more ambitious, and more versatile as a blogger, vlogger, writer, and speaker. In taking on so much, I have actually become even more focused than I ever was. I have become less judgmental of myself. I have stopped using the word can’t. I have developed new friendships with people who now join me on my adventures, want to document them, or really just want to hang out on the weekends. I have found that I am more open and willing to activities that I never imagined myself trying–like Jedi Light Saber training–or samurai sword fighting–or stunt jumping–or break-dancing—or pole dancing.  And for the first time since picking up a field hockey stick in 8th grade, I have felt passionate about something–and that’s what living life is all about–passion.  Most important, I’ve learned that my adventure is much bigger than ME just trying to do something new – it’s about inspiring others to do something new too.

And honestly, you’d be amazed at how much you can do when you try something new every week. You really become incapable–of being incapable.

This year has taught me, thus far, that time is short but full of opportunity. So often, in the past, I found myself whispering “I want to do “that” some day” about a whole lot of “thats” and then never doing any of them. Now I am.

Additionally, this year, so far, has been about human interaction–meeting new people each week–hearing stories–spreading their stories–and building new relationships. I have found many times that the hobbies I am trying–are made that much more enjoyable because of the people I am meeting and spending time with.

In the past I found myself following a routine of waking up, working out, going to work, eating, and going to bed. And then by the time the weekend would roll around–I didn’t want to do anything–but sit–and then complain about how I accomplished nothing all weekend. I don’t think I am the only one who’s done this–repeatedly. And who the heck decided that work days should be 9 to 5 anyway? Why is it that living has become such a rare hobby in itself?

Here’s where I call on you:

 If you have a hobby—have tried something new—or are dying to do a new activity, reach out to me—send me a video—a blog post—photos—whatever, and I’ll feature YOU on the site. I want to know what OTHERS are doing. THAT’S what this is all about—pushing ourselves to try new things, take risks, and jump without knowing where we will land.

I challenge you to start your own quest–and try something new: Remember- we can fly anytime we want, because life’s accidental blessings will be there to catch us. Nothing like a bit of sweet serendipity.

Ciao for now,


The Hobby Hoarder


The Hobby Hoarder Breaks it Down: Breakdancing

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In 7th grade, I wanted to give a how-to lesson on breakdancing. The problem was that I didn’t really know a thing about breakdancing. The only reason I cared about it all was because the boy I had a huge crush on throughout middle school was learning all the moves–and so I thought if I knew anything about the style of dance at all–he might like me back.

It didn’t work out too well–the project–nor the crush.

So on July 8, I headed out to 5 Pointz for my first official breakdancing lesson with Kid Glyde who is an active member in the Dynamic Rockers crew.

We hit the concrete right away giving me b-girl cred–and then we broke it down–moving from our home position to our Indian steps, to six steps (helicopter) and the tornado all while the graffiti artwork served as a beautiful backdrop to our stage.

I watched as the guys who were there broke it down on cardboard boxes and I smiled at the thought that maybe one day I could stand on my head–or gl”yde” as smoothly as they did. While my moves were a bit stiff and my freezes were a bit short–I still rocked out the best I could. What’s the joy in trying if you are going to be great at it right away anyway?

This hobby just might be a keeper. Who knows–maybe one day I’ll star in Step Up the Revolution Part 12 with a Channing Tatum look alike. That.would.be.awesome.






Kid Glyde

Check out the trailer for the Dynamic Rockers 33rd Anniversary Event:

For more information on 5 POINTZ head to 5 ptz.com 

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