Libs Segal is THE Hobby Hoarder

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Pole dancing. Samurai sword fighting. Hip-Hop Dancing. Stunt jumping. Horseback riding. Kickboxing. Tap dancing. Bookbinding. Sewing. Fencing. Pottery.


Knitting. Portrait drawing. Meditation. Beer brewing. Wine making. Tea tasting. Finger painting.  Water skiing.


Jewelry making. Needle pointing. Birding. Gardening.


Overwhelmed, yet?

            In 23 years, Libs Segal, a stand up comic, writer, and associate producer has played field hockey, baseball, softball, soccer, and basketball.

She has done ballet, played clarinet, swam, competed in the 24 game challenge, drawn a sketchbook of animal images, ran a half-marathon, and gone skiing. She has made films, published essays, managed a blog, collected baseball cards, taken thousands of photos, participated in an acting class, and has traveled around Europe.

AND now she is starting a year long quest to try anything and everything that she has yet to have tried–a year long quest to take risks–a year long quest to fall down, and get back up–and last but not least a year long quest for sexiness, health, adventure, self-reflection, and happiness.

52 Hobbies in 52 Weeks.

The quest to become a professional amateur is ON.

Libs Segal is THE Hobby Hoarder.


About libs012

Stand up comedian, writer, filmmaker, and associate producer.

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  1. This is the most amazing blog, ever! I am totally obsessed with everything you are doing, and hope to be able to join you on some of these adventures when i leave the bible belt behind and return to the motherland. ❤

  2. Libby, you are a riot! I loved watching each video you made. You lifted my spirits and reminded me about being adventurous again! I think I have a lot to look forward in my retirement in June. I want to take some of those classes as well. I think I’ll start with the drums!! Let me know if you do stand up comedy again soon! Keep on Hoarding! XO Mrs. V.

  3. You put into words a description of the kind of person I am, and inspired me to make a list of all the things I have at the very least, tried. Not a whole lot of people can keep up with or understand when a person is curious enough to try everything, at least once! Thanks for validating me!

    • Hi Diane,
      Thanks so much for the comment. Love that you are going to make a list of all the things you’ve tried! And love tht you, too, are living life to its fullest.

      P.s. let me know what your list is! Always looking for new things to add to my to-try list. 🙂


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